"Quadd" is a dream concept of Navdeep Singh (My friends call me Nz, though they are not much in number ;)). Quadd got its name from its four-fold core. 1.Creative Digital Graphics, 2. Free Style Dance, 3. Computer Programming, 4. Digital Music Production. It all started in 2007, Quadd did some local advertising concepts through digital graphics. And participating at local dance competitions. And it started working as service desk for computer users (along with Nz doing its Post Graduation in IT). And Remixing Tracks for local DJ and customised Ringtones for mobile phones. And its web presence began in 2010, with our facebook page, Quadd Blog in 2011. This is the time when Nz got promoted as PGT Computer Science after 3 years service as TGT ICT. Then QUADD started work with teen talent at school level to unlock their potential. And QUADD got co-founded in real sense by Ravneet Kaur Loyal from June 2014 to May 2018 along with Nz.

Either you are an artist, graphics designer, or whatever talent you posses, If you are a teen than QUADD will provide showcase/platform to your talent. QUADD WORLD is home to creativity of un-common people and teen talent is its oxygen. However, every talent of every age is invited. We also do paid promotion using website development (and app development coming soon) also.

Quadd Originals